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My name Mochamad Noer Fauzi Mubarok. I was born in Cidahu, Cikalong, Kapuaten Tasikmalaya , Indonesia on 9 December 1992. I was born directly from the womb of my mother, so I was very devoted to him. My life's journey is unique, with the unique idea anyway. And I'm sure I was yea me, and no one who is similar to me.

Entering the age of 5 years to be exact in 1997 I started attending kindergarten in Diniyyah Riyadul Ulum Madrasah, there I started to learn the Koran. In 1999 I entered elementary school (SD) in SDN singkir 3, I graduated in 2005. After that I went to high school (SMP) students at MTs Nurul Huda, the history of my life the first time I went to school abroad. I graduated in 2008, After that I went to high school (SMA) in MAN Cikalong and Alhamdulillah In 2011 I graduated.

I know the world of the internet after graduating from high school, where science first I learned is about SEO because I worked taking care of the website, and of course SEO knowledge can not be separated from a website.

The Internet is a world which is never thought to be in, because my school time was very anti the computer, so I rarely enter the computer lessons, maybe that juvenile delinquency that requires me to not go to class haha. But thanks to a strong desire and of course learn from the past that I do not become immune to technology (gaptek), was finally able to get to know a little about the Internet.

I understand how important a healthy logic in life, with a healthy logic of course we always promote socialization, tolerance, and also protect, this is the key to life that always I put forward. I have always expressed my understanding of this wherever I am. Because we all have to realize that life is beautiful it is mutual love between human beings. With love I can confidently remove the word "warfare".

Hopefully we are all human beings in the world are always peaceful. And let's delete the word "warfare" together with us uphold socialization, tolerance, and nurturing. Because life is a beautiful dream of all mankind.

Warm greetings to all of my people and families. :)

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