Natural Beauty in Tasikmalaya Indonesia

Natural Beauty in Tasikmalaya Indonesia

Natural Beauty in Tasikmalaya Indonesia | Tasikmalaya is a region located between the East Priangan Garut and Ciamis. Besides being known as the City of Pupils, Tasikmalaya also has a variety of tourist destinations. There is a nature tourism, religious tourism, historical tourism also. For nature itself, in Tasikmalaya there are many very beautiful place, ranging from beaches, waterfalls, and mountains. Here are reviews of some of the tourist attractions in Tasikmalaya.

1. Turkish Cipatujah

Cipatujah beach is one of the tourist attractions in Tasikmalaya rich with coral reefs. The beach is among the largest on the south coast. The wide reach 115 hectares. Location of Cipatujah Beach is approximately 74 km from the center of the Lake to the south.

Besides its natural beauty, Coastal Cipatujah have iron sand is excellent for leisure activities. On the beach there are also many fish spawn and breed, so it's good for the livelihood of fishermen.

2. Mount Galunggung

Galunggung an active volcano at an altitude of 2,167 meters above sea level. Mountain which has an area of approximately 120 hectares managed by Perum Perhutani. It is located about 17 km from the center of Tasikmalaya.

Besides the beauty of the landscape, there are a few tourist attraction offered by Mount Galunggung. One of them is located in the crater lake. The lake is cold water and does not remove the smell of sulfur. There is also a waterfall that fell from one of the hills in Mount Galunggung. As if the water coming down from the sky. Around Galunggung there are hot spring, complete with swimming pool and hot tub soak.

3. Kampung Naga

Kampung Naga is one of the tourist attractions in Tasikmalaya very exotic. It is located about 30 km from the city of Tasikmalaya. Precisely in Neglasari, Salawu, Tasikmalaya.

The village is inhabited by people who uphold the customs of their ancestors. Indigenous question is a traditional Sundanese. It is unique from Kampung Naga can be seen from the composition of the uniform, ranging from the direction to face, cuts, and building materials.

Kampung Naga has a very beautiful view from afar. This is because it lies on a fertile valley. Not to mention Ciwulan drained by the river, the water edged Mount Cikuray, Garut.

4. Curug Dengdeng

Curug Dengdeng located just off the south coast. Precisely, in the village of Cikawung Gading, Kampung Caringin, District Cipatujah, Lake District. Distance to get there about 90 kilometers from the center of Tasikmalaya takes about 3 hours.

There are three levels of waterfalls at Curug Dengdeng. Highest waterfalls reaching 13 meters in height. From this point you can meliha Cikembang River views. While there are other waterfalls that reach 11 m and 9 m height. As a tourist in Tasikmalaya, the natural beauty of the waterfall Dengdeng highly recommended to visit.

5. Situ Gede

One more tourist attractions in Tasikmalaya you need to know is the Situ Gede. This attraction offers a beautiful natural landscape with an area of about 47 hectares. Situ Gede water depths between 1.5 to 6 meters.

Kawsan Situ Gede is located about 5 km from the center of Tasikmalaya westward. Precisely in the Village Linggajaya, District Mangkubumi, Tasikmalaya. As a tourist attraction, Situ Gede has complete facilities, including praying, garden, jogging track, rental rafts and boats, as well as a toilet.

Natural Beauty in Tasikmalaya Indonesia

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